Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder

The Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder is a top choice for specialty coffee lovers. It’s great for those who care about precise, quality coffee grinding. Plus, it’s easy to take with you on trips.

The Apex stands out among manual burr grinders. Its unique features and top-notch performance make it popular among pros and home baristas.

The Apex uses large flat Ghost Tooth burrs for grinding. It works well with light roasts, giving you even coffee particles with few fines. This precision makes the Apex different from other hand grinders.

Using the Apex is a breeze thanks to its design. It grinds coffee four times faster than normal manual grinders. This makes it great for coffee lovers on the move or at home.

It also comes with a 7-ounce glass grinds catcher, non-slip pads, and holes for mounting. These features boost its performance and looks in your coffee setup.

The Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder offers high-quality grinding for coffee enthusiasts. It’s ideal for all specialty brew methods, giving consistent results with every use.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Orphan Espresso Apex is a premium hand grinder for coffee fans.
  • It has special flat Ghost Tooth burrs for even coffee particles.
  • This grinder is four times quicker and simpler than traditional ones.
  • Extra features include a glass catcher and non-slip pads.
  • The Apex is a leading professional-grade grinder for precise coffee grinding.

Features of the Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder

The Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder is loved by coffee fans for its advanced technology and accurate engineering. This grinder provides amazing performance and even results.

Its flat ghost tooth burrs are a key highlight. These 75mm/78mm burrs lead to even coffee particles and top-notch grinding. The design minimizes fines, boosting flavor and brewing quality.

Adjusting grind size is easy with the grind adjustment lever. It matches different brewing methods, from coarse for French press to fine for espresso. This ensures the best flavor for each cup.

What sets it apart is its unique planetary gear drive. This system speeds up grinding by four times, making it quicker and easier to get the consistency you want.

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The Apex also boasts bi-directional burrs. These burrs work both ways, grinding effectively from all angles. No matter the bean type, it delivers uniform results.

Stability and durability come from five bearing sets. They help the grinder work smoothly, providing consistent grinds for a long time.

In essence, the Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder is excellent for its flat ghost tooth burrs, adjustment lever, gear drive, bi-directional burrs, and bearings. These attributes make it a prime pick for coffee lovers after precision and consistency.

Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder

Features Description
Flat Ghost Tooth Burrs 75mm/78mm burrs for impressive particle uniformity
Grind Adjustment Lever Easily fine-tune grind size for different brew methods
Planetary Gear Drive Four-to-one gear drive for four times quicker grinding
Bi-Directional Burrs Allows for clockwise and counterclockwise grinding
Bearing Sets Five bearing sets for smooth and stable grinding

Specifications of the Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder

The Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder is compact and easy to carry. It measures 11.5 inches high, 13 inches long, and 5 inches wide at the base. This makes it perfect for travelers wanting fresh coffee anywhere.

It weighs just over 11 lbs, making it light enough to carry in a bag. It can grind up to 60g of coffee, enough for many cups. This means you can easily make coffee for yourself or a group.

The grinder features flat burrs that are 75mm/78mm in size. These burrs are made of high-quality stainless steel. They provide a large surface for efficient and precise grinding.

This grinder is great for those who love coffee and want convenience without sacrificing quality. Its size, light weight, and burr quality make it ideal. Enjoy top-notch coffee every day with the Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder.


Is the Orphan Espresso Apex suitable for travel?

Yes, the Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder is portable and perfect for travel. It’s designed to be compact and light. So, you can take it with you wherever you go.

What are the features of the Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder?

The Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder has many great features. It uses flat ghost tooth burrs for even grinding. There’s a lever to adjust the grind size exactly how you like it.The grinder has a four-to-one planetary gear drive for quick grinding. It also has bi-directional burrs for doing different kinds of grinding. Plus, it runs smoothly thanks to five sets of bearings.

What are the specifications of the Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder?

The Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder stands 11.5 inches tall, stretches 13 inches from back to front, and is 5 inches wide at its base. Its weight is 11.13 lbs. Also, it can hold up to 60g.For grinding, it uses 75mm/78mm flat ghost tooth burrs made of strong stainless steel. This ensures durable and precise grinding.
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