Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder

The Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder is perfect for coffee lovers into manual brewing. It features advanced 78mm rotating and 75mm stationary Ghost Tooth burrs. These provide very even coffee particles for a great taste every time.

This grinder uses a 4-1 planetary gear drive to make grinding faster and easier. The design includes a bean funnel. This helps get the beans to the burrs smoothly.

But the Apex has its limits. It’s best for pour over, drip, and soaking methods, not espresso. This might not work for people who love espresso.

Finding the right grind speed is key with this grinder. If you grind too quickly, you might get too many fine particles. This can change how your coffee tastes. Remember, the grinder keeps about 1 gram of coffee for every 30 grams you grind.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder features impressive 78mm rotating and 75mm stationary Ghost Tooth burrs.
  • Its 4-1 planetary gear drive speeds up the grinding process, enhancing efficiency.
  • The Apex is designed for pour over, drip, and immersion brewing methods, not espresso.
  • Grinding too fast with the Apex can result in more fines and impact flavor.
  • The grinder retains about 1 gram of coffee per 30 gram batch.

The Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder is a top choice in the world of premium hand grinders. It’s known for its excellent grind and special features. These grinders are changing the coffee gear scene with their strong build and precise grinds.

They close the gap between old-school hand grinders and modern electric ones. This means you can get amazing grind quality right at home.

The Orphan Espresso Apex stands out with its cool features. It has special Ghost Tooth burrs and a unique 4-1 planetary gear drive. There’s also an innovative bean feeding system. Together, these ensure a grind as good as the best electric grinders out there.

But the Apex isn’t perfect for everything. For example, it can’t grind espresso well because of how it’s designed and set up. Also, it needs to be fixed to a solid surface to grind well. These points matter for those who want the best coffee from a hand grinder.

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Comparing Premium Hand Grinders

In a comparison, the Apex shines with its unmatched grind and features. Yet, it’s good to check out other grinders too. This helps you pick based on what you like and how you brew coffee.

Another loved grinder is the Timemore C2 Max, which is less expensive. It doesn’t match the Apex in precision and features, but it’s great for the money. It has a sturdy build, good-sized burrs, and delivers solid grinding results.

Choosing the right premium hand grinder involves looking at grind quality, durability, how you like to brew, and what you prefer. Knowing each grinder’s special traits helps coffee fans find the best fit for their dream coffee cup.

premium hand grinders

The Timemore C2 Max and its grind quality

The Timemore C2 Max is an affordable manual grinder made by Timemore. It has an aluminum body and some plastic parts. These materials make it less expensive.

But, the C2 Max still grinds coffee really well. Its metal body, sharp 38mm burrs, and sturdy bearings help make each coffee grind even. This helps make your coffee taste great.

This grinder can hold up to 30 grams of coffee beans. That’s enough for a few cups. It has an easy-to-use wheel for changing the grind size to what you like.

In summary, the Timemore C2 Max is a good pick if you want a budget-friendly grinder. It’s built well and makes grinding coffee beans precise and simple. This means great tasting coffee at home.

Comparison between Timemore C2 Max and other manual grinders:

Feature Timemore C2 Max Manual Grinder Competitor A Competitor B
Grind Quality High precision conical steel burrs Standard ceramic burrs Standard stainless steel burrs
Construction Aluminum unibody frame with plastic supports Stainless steel body with plastic parts Plastic body with plastic parts
Grind Adjustment Stepped adjustment wheel Stepped adjustment wheel Stepless adjustment knob
Hopper Capacity Approximately 30 grams Approximately 40 grams Approximately 20 grams
Price Affordable Mid-range Affordable


In conclusion, the Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder and the Timemore C2 Max are top picks for manual coffee lovers. They offer high precision and are perfect for specialty coffee equipment.

The Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder shines with amazing grind quality and unique features. Its Ghost Tooth burrs and 4-1 planetary gear drive enhance grind uniformity. This makes it compete with top electric home grinders. However, it’s best for pour over, drip, and immersion brewing, not for espresso.

The Timemore C2 Max, however, is more budget-friendly but still delivers on grind quality. Its solid aluminum unibody, conical steel burrs, and dual bearings ensure a precise grind every time. The stepped adjustment wheel and 30-gram hopper make it an excellent choice for beginners.

So, whether you pick the Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder for its high-end features, or the Timemore C2 Max for its value, both are great. They ensure a precise and delightful coffee brewing experience for manual coffee aficionados.


How long does it take to grind a full batch of coffee with the Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder?

Grinding time with the Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder varies. It depends on the grind size, bean type, and grinding technique. On average, it takes 1-2 minutes to grind a full batch.

How does the Orphan Espresso Apex compare to other premium hand grinders?

The Orphan Espresso Apex stands out from other hand grinders. It has Ghost Tooth burrs, a 4-1 gear drive, and an organic bean feed. These features let it produce very uniform coffee grounds, competing with top electric grinders.

What makes the Timemore C2 Max stand out in terms of grind quality?

The Timemore C2 Max shines with its grind quality for an entry-level grinder. It has 38mm steel burrs, dual bearings, and a stepped grind size wheel. Even with its lower price, it provides a consistent grind that surprises many.

Which grinder is right for me, the Orphan Espresso Apex or the Timemore C2 Max?

Choosing between the Orphan Espresso Apex and the Timemore C2 Max depends on what you value. For top-notch grind quality and unique features, go for the Orphan Espresso Apex. If you need an affordable option with good quality, the Timemore C2 Max is ideal.
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